At Autism Family times with Brianna, Inc. We understand the tremendous expense of raising a child diagnosed with Autism. Many helpful programs and therapies are not covered under one's health insurance.

As parents, we have utilized 10 plus years experience researching alternative and traditional treatments that have helped our own daughter Brianna heal from Autistic symptoms. It is our goal to share all that we have learned and advocate for families that are impacted by the epidemic of Autism, as laypersons, not physicians.

Our Learn through travel program is unique! With families as participants, we offer the opportunity to connect with animals in a safe, therapeutic, and educational environment. There have been many studies published on the benefits of Therapeutic Horseback riding and Dolphin Therapy.

A few of the benefits reported are, but not limited to:

Great Information about Autism from Children's Specialized Hospital

Our Lead Peer Mentor, Alexandra Jackman, created a powerful educational video to encourage understanding of people with Autism.
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